Parampujya Paramhansa Swami Sugandheshwaranand Rajyogi “Prabhu Baa”–by Sadhak Parivaar.

06 जनवरी

Parampujya Paramhansa Swami Sugandheshwaranand Rajyogi

“Prabhu Baa”

Prabhu Baa was born in Italikheda, Udaipur district, Rajasthan, on 25th May 1943 to a very pious Mewadi Brahmin couple. She was brought up in a very modest and traditional family. Before She was born her mother saw a divine light around herself and had visions of different saints. Prabhu Baa was born with her right toe all red (as if dipped in vermilion). Prabhu Baa was drawn to Lord Shiva from her early childhood. She was always ‘antarmukhi‘(inward turned mind) and unlike other girls of her age, always carried a Shivlinga with her. She got married into a closely knit cultured family and was blessed with a daughter and a son. While fulfilling her duties as a wife and the oldest daughter-in-law in the family, she continued to practice her ‘Shiv-Upasana’ (Shiv pooja and rituals). When her son at age 2 yrs was suffering from cancer at an advanced stage, her parents directed her to their Sadguru P.P. Yogiraj Gulavani Maharaj. Instead of asking to cure her son, Prabhu Baa asked His Holiness for initiation i.e.Shaktipat Diksha. His Holiness not only cured her son instantly but also blessed her with Shaktipat Diksha on 7th Jan 1974.

From the day she got initiated, Prabhu Baa was committed to Sadhana which is  Dhyaan (meditation) and naam-japa (mantra chant). Her austerity towards Sadhana elevated her to new heights of spirituality. During her ongoing practice of Dhyaan, she experienced the bliss of Samadhi (ultimate blissful state of meditation) first time for three days, second time for seven days, and then twice for twenty one days. With this achievement, P. P. Yogiraj Gulavani Maharaj himself appeared and declared Prabhu Baa to be a Paramhansa at the end of the Samadhi. Prabhu Baa fulfilled both the roles to completeness as a homemaker and as a Sadhak. In 1994 Prabhu Baa took Sanyas Diksha (renunciation thru mind) from Swami Shivom Tirth.

Prabhu Baa is renowned as “Parampujya Paramhansa Swami Sugandheshwaranand Rajyogi Prabhu Baa”. She carries on her mission with the directions of her Sadguru P.P Yogiraj Gulavani Maharaj. Prabhu Baa has achieved ultimate Guru Bhakti and she feels the presence of her Sadguru in herself all the time. The eight accomplishments and the nine treasures (Ashta Siddhi and Nau Nidhi) serve at her feet constantly. She has established a Spiritual Mission under the name “Ekta Dhyan Yog Evem Sewa Trust (Regd)” and built two Ashrams in order to lead people on the path of subtle truth, spiritualism and the ultimate salvation. First Ashram – “Kashi Shivpuri Dham” is at Prabhu Baa’s birth place Intalikheda, Dist. Udaipur in Rajasthan State. This Ashram has in its premises, a temple of Lord Duttatreya, goddess Harsiddhi Ambaji, twelve Jyotirling, Eklingji, Three and half Shakti Peeths and also a temple of P. P. Yogiraj Gulavani Maharaj along with Param Gurus Shri Tembe Swami and Shri Loknath Tirth Swami. The second Ashram – “Trailokya” is situated at Badlapur, Dist. Thane in Maharashtra State. Prabhu Baa also established over seventy centers all over India where year round Satsangs, group meditation, chanting are done. Besides leadership in spiritual arena, she has also initiated charitable programs such as food donations, education, medical camps, blood donation, tree plantation, resurrection of old religious places etc. For the benefit of all, Prabhu Baa has got few books translated into Hindi such as Shri Guru Charitra and Sadguru Sadhak Susamvad. Other publications providing guidance to aspirants and sadhaks include Shiv Pravah (monthly), Shiv Sugandh (once in three years), Guru Vani, Yog Vani, Shiv Upasana, Nitya Aradhana, different audio CDs of chants and bhajans etc.

Prabhu Baa awakens the resting serpent power (Kudalini Shakti) of aspirants with mere wish and She is one such pious mystic who is helping mankind by showing the path of Dhyaan and Naam-japa. She travels all over India teaching love, respect for all religions, and peace. Major programs throughout the year include devotional Satsangs, conducting Tri-Shakti Japa (three days of non-stop Japa or three days of non-stop ‘Karuna Tripadi’) and ‘Saptah’ (seven days non-stop Japa). During the Saptah not only continuous Japa is done but also Shri Guru Charitra or Bhagvat Katha Parayan is performed to instill good Sanskaras on the attendees. Thousands of sadhaks all over the world have received her unconditional love and are making progress in dhyaan-sadhana. In spite of her accomplishments as Paramhansa Raajyogi Sadguru, Prabhu Baa has not let position or respect affect her daily life. Even today she performs her daily rituals prescribed by her Sadguru P.P Yogiraj Gulavani Maharaj, such as Dhyaan, Sandhya, Guru Geeta, Vishnu Sahasranaam, Rudrashtakam, Pranayam, Manas Pooja, Shiv Mahimna Stotra and 55000 guru mantra japa. She performs her duties as a true disciple while fulfilling her obligations as a Guru. With great joy she takes on responsibilities such as Diksha daan, Darshan, spiritual guidance to Sadhakas, all over India travel for Satsang Saptahiki and overseeing Her ashrams and Trust.

Prabhu Baa leads a very simple and pious life. She showers her disciples and devotees with constant love, mercy and deep set affection and that is why she is popularly and lovingly called “Baa”, the mother. She gives the feeling of a mother to all who come across her. Prabhu Baa conveys her messages through devotional songs in congregations. The experiences one gets thru these means are always cherished. By setting an example, Prabhu Baa has shown that one can attain enlightenment even while living a married life and performing family duties. She has also shown that spirituality is a path of joy and celebrations where there’s only gain. She demonstrated that real Sanyas is that of the mind, not of the body and materialism must be transcended with love, not by force.

In summary, darshan of spiritual pinnacle Prabhu Baa, is in itself a unique, magical, mystical, and unworldly experience. Her Sadhakas discover the inner treasures during Dhyaan and exclaim “Shivo ham Shivo ham” i.e. I am Shiva. This is the true purpose of P. P. Prabhu Baa’s life.

Mrs. Smitaranee Gadre and some more sadhaks.

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9 responses to “Parampujya Paramhansa Swami Sugandheshwaranand Rajyogi “Prabhu Baa”–by Sadhak Parivaar.


    अक्टूबर 30, 2015 at 4:23 अपराह्न

    om namah bhagvatey vasudevay
    jay shree krishna


    अक्टूबर 30, 2015 at 4:22 अपराह्न


  3. rajiv shravastava.

    जनवरी 27, 2015 at 10:13 अपराह्न

    om namo bhagwate vasudevay. param pujya prabhu baa ki jai.
    jay shri krishna.

  4. Parag Mutyapwar

    अप्रैल 30, 2014 at 10:03 पूर्वाह्न

    jay shri krishna

  5. usha

    अप्रैल 15, 2013 at 11:58 पूर्वाह्न

    “Sab kuch diya aapne, Kya bhet Karu
    Jodu mai dono hat Namaskar ki bhet karu”
    hey Kripa nidhi hai, aap to daya k kalpvriksh hai, daya k sagar hai. hum bache bhala kya de sakte hai maa ko sirf aap ke charnaj mil jaye yahi soch sakte hai, hum to bar bar apni takdir ko dhanyawad dete hai apne purvajo ko sat-sat bar naman karte hai jo unaki hi kripa hai jo aap jaisa sadguru humne paya hai.

  6. Hitoo

    मार्च 23, 2012 at 1:38 अपराह्न

    Gr8 write up, it is really True, a very lucky Atmajan can get such a wonderful Gurudev, it’ s Sheer Blisss in her Charankamal…

  7. vidhi rawal

    दिसम्बर 5, 2011 at 10:53 अपराह्न

    jay shree krishna

  8. pankaj2011patel

    जुलाई 20, 2011 at 9:52 अपराह्न

    jay shree krishna

  9. Vipul panwar

    मई 25, 2011 at 10:10 पूर्वाह्न

    om namah bhagvatey vasudevay
    jay shree krishna


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